"let us save you time and money, we are the PEO specialists!"
- Mark J Burger, CEO

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...a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides outsourcing of payroll, workers' compensation, human resources and employee benefits administration....aka, it relieves you of employee administrative duties!

the professional employer organization (PEO)

:: we are independent PEO and Human Resources specialists

The Innovative Employee Management Company (IEMC) is dedicated to helping companies save time, money and enhance human resources efficiency. We are PEO specialists and act as independent advisor to help you save time and money.

Your ability to compete for a skilled employees is what businesses face each day.  In fact it may be even more difficult for you to compete for skilled workers when it comes to employee benefits.  A Professional Employee Organization (PEO) could give you the edge in competing for employees.

Allowing PEO companies to assist with your human resource (HR) management is key and a necessity. Using a PEO company is easy, however, finding the right one is not. Our expertise lies in identifying your needs and matching you with the right PEO. We are intermediaries providing you with unbiased and independent advice. Since the PEOs we work with generally have over 30,000 work-site-employees, the PEO will allow your organization to provide numerous benefit plan design choices for your employees. Such plans would be comparable to a Fortune 500 organization, at very competitive pricing.

Our service is free of charge to our clients. We are remunerated by the PEO of YOUR choice.

Some of the benefits from using a PEO are to ensure that you are in compliance with all employee related payroll, taxes, state unemployment, workers compensation, OSHA, and other requirements as an employer.  When a PEO is part of your administrative team you can focus on your customers.  

We are independent experts in acquiring the solutions provided by Professional Employer Organizations. The Innovative Employee Management Company LLC will be your representative and advocate throughout the process of selecting the most appropriate PEO, from over 600 PEOs nationally, saving you time and money.

The advantages of using our services are clear:

  • We educate you on the benefits of contracting with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
  • We introduce and connect our clients with the appropriate PEO company to handle your workforce responsibilities

Did you know that a PEO handles all non-staffing HR responsibilities including:

  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Processing and Compliance
  • Government Regulation Compliance
  • Organization of Employee Data
  • Unemployment Compensation Management

Who benefits from working with us?

  • If you are a company that is currently spending resources to manage and retain employees, then you will be able to leverage resources and gain value from a PEO.

What problems we resolve for you are:

  • Understanding what a PEO has to offer.
  • Identifying which PEO is best suited to meet your company needs

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